About Us

Brokers are simply better

Founded in July of 2003 by our broker-owner Edward Keech, America's Home Loans is one of the few pure brokers in Sonoma and Marin Counties. This means that were not limited to the products of one lending institution--we have several dozen relationships with various lenders--both banks and non-bank entities. Each client has different needs and our diverse lending relationships gives us a unique ability to match a client's needs with a product that's a perfect fit.

Each loan officer is dual licensed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and the California Department of Real Estate. The additional educational requirements ensures that you are working with a more knowledgeable, better seasoned professional. The dual licensing is unique to California mortgage brokers.

Additionally, we do not believe in assistants or loan processors. Our loan officers are specifically trained to handle your transaction from start to finish. We've invested much in process and technology so that additional staff is unnecessary. This means that when you have a question and call your loan officer, they will have an update on demand. This is unheard of at most other lenders.

Lastly, our staff are trained credit analysts--not salespeople. From explaining various products pros and cons to accurately calculating income and precise debt to income ratios, we get it right the first time and will let you know up-front if you indeed qualify for what you are looking for.